Layers - EP


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released December 5, 2015

Written & Produced by Order of the Oblique
Engineered & Mixed by Mike Deslandes at Three Phase & Capitalgames Studios
Mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio

Additional Production by Reede Reynolds

Additional Vocals on Magellanic Touch by Jon O'Neill (Forest Falls), Jason Van Rooyen (Culprits) and Mike Deslandes (YLVA)

Artwork & Design by Jason Van Rooyen

Special Thanks to Shailla Van Raad for Lyrical Assistance



all rights reserved


ŌOTØ Melbourne, Australia

Jarrad Evans
Ash Denman
Rick Wood
Jonathan Wright
Reede Reynolds

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Track Name: Preclusion
Disparity between yet bound in vein, we are all who persist.
Blind conquest towards a slow death, our transient state shifts.

Relinquish control reclaim the soul, now joined as one we roam.
Above we'll travel high, engulfed by silver light - and drift away.

From a world gone, spun out of phase. We resonate, and leave it astray.
To the apex, precluded from below. Within our grasp, as we rise beyond.
Track Name: Magellanic Touch
Ascension toward the open sky, depart body and penetrate mind.
Inhabiting a place unbound by time, where shattered remnants rule and define.

Redeeming hope along a luminous path, transcending to higher realms above.
Atonement for the sorrow relinquished, deliverance from this bondage of anguish.

Lower passing, extricate. Advance further, to where salvation waits.

Despondency no longer binds, released from gloom to the solace of light.
Reflections cease dispersed by tides, the great mountain is where we unite.

Past ancient regions, destiny lies. A binary merger, particles collide.
Coalesce and form, to singularity. Spiraling inwards, lost inside a dream.

Thoughts now are clear, fully realised. The journey within, is where we divide.
Curve then distort, over boundaries. As the cycle breaks, so do we - to live on.

Acceptance of the heart, we will rise again. Unison of the mind, freed from all pain.
Vibration of the soul, in separate forms. Resurgence of our kind, to where we reign alone - once more.
Track Name: Cycle of the Heart
I am hopeless, consumed by regret. The bitterness stirs, and never forgets.
I am ashamed, so reluctant to try. The doubt lingers, but never subsides.

All I held is lost with time, what remains is kept confined.
Any attempt to start again, echoes back to where we began.

My only choice is returning astray, accept to forget the path we paved.
Recall each step and start once more, leaving behind what as one we forged.

Descent is upon me, into the void. My sight is dimmed, its absent of noise.
I've made my peace, this is no end. Just a glimpse of, who I really am.